PT. Bintan Intan Gemilang

Our Brand :

PT. Bintan Intan Gemilang was founded by Mrs. Dinaria Xu in 2017 , second generation of AK Fishery succeeded by Mr. Hendro Xu . AK Fishery Bintan founded in 1985 specializes in providing fishing boats, logistics, managing hundreds of traditional fishing boats , collecting fresh fish and seafood from various regions and distribute freshest quality to national and international market.

PT. Bintan Intan Gemilang is a company focus in end product such as fish fillets, accurate sizing, specific cutting, or packaging requested by higher processing standards.

PT. Bintan Intan Gemilang has been exporting fish fillets to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA and China. The freezing system is Air Blast Freezer, and product storage in Cold Storage with a temperature -25 ° c.

PT Bintan Intan Gemilang is dedicated to ensuring that the fish processing system meets national and international health food standards, following strict correct and precise guidelines and regulations.